10 Of My Favorite Resources For Women’s Equality

The internet is one of the greatest, fastest, and easiest ways to find information nowadays. We type something into Google and in seconds we have answers, opinions, and resources. I spend a lot of time sourcing the internet for great resources for Christian women that aren’t dipped in harmful and inaccurate Bible interpretations and teachings. So, I am going to save you some work and instead of making you weed through google for resources on women’s equality in the church, marriage, and society – I will share with you some of the best I have found.

  1. Junia Project

The Junia Project was one of the first resources I found while researching for resources on equality for women from a Biblical perspective. JP is a community of writers advocating for the equality and inclusion of women in positions of leadership in the church, equality in marriage, and shining light on sexism and patriarchy inside the church/marriage. Junia Project has writers who blog on a wide variety of topics: Egalitarianism, Women in the Church, Sexism in the Church, The Dangers of Complementarianism, Misunderstood and Misused Passages Concerning Women, and many, many more. Their blogs are well researched and bring a lot of clarity to “clobber verses” used by people to keep women subservient. Their site is easy to use and their “Categories” bar allows readers to quickly find what they are looking for. It is my “go to” when discussing with people online who debate me on women’s equality.

2. Marg Mowczko

Marg Mowczko, in my opinion, is a leading voice for women theologians. Marg gets deep into hermeneutics, culture, context, and original purpose of Scripture in regards to issues that affect women. Marg’s blog is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the idea of women in ministry, equality in marriage, and women of the Bible. Marg writes in a way that causes readers to think, ask questions, and desire to dig deeper into Scripture. I have learned so much over the past couple of years from her blog and find myself constantly challenged. When I am doing research I generally hit up Marg’s blog to read, learn, and draw my conclusions. Some of my favorites blogs from Marg:


3. CBE – Voices of Color

CBE Voices of Color is a sister page to CBE and is a platform for sharing articles about the struggles particularly faced by Christian women of color of all Christian traditions and statuses as they seek to live out biblical gender equality. It serves to encourage and support them; it also promotes among other people an understanding of the issues Christian women of color face in exercising their God-given gifts.

As a biracial woman I often feel caught between two worlds and have found such a beautiful home with the CBE-VOC group. These are amazing men and women who advocate for people of color (specifically women) in a way that doesn’t alienate or shut out the white community but invites the white community in to learn from people of color on the issues that affect the community of people of color.

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Where do I begin?! Ashley is one of the most incredible women I know. Her heart for women (especially victims of abuse and complementarianism) is absolutely beautiful and she writes with passion and authority. Ashley blogs, speaks, hosts the Courage Conference, and is the author of The Courage Coach (which she asked me to endorse and I cannot say enough good things about).

Ashley has a powerful message and offers healing and hope in every blog she writes, every tweet she posts, and when she speaks. Her blogs will empower you, educate you, and challenge you. Ashley is all about promoting truth-seeking expeditions, advocating gender equality and educating the Church on abuse. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter – it will be worth it!

5. Sarah Bessey

Sarah Bessey is a little bit of a hero for me. Her book Jesus Feminist was life changing, a breath of fresh air for me. She has been a huge source fo freedom for me on my journey the past few years. Sarah writes in a way that always makes me feel like I am sitting in her living room, chatting over coffee. She carries the heart of God for women so passionately and is one of my favorite people to follow on social media. Sarah advocates for women’s equality and uses a mix of Scripture and personal experience to get the message through. Sarah is passionate about making room at the table for all people. I was able to do an interview with her in September (you can watch it here) and was amazed at how she in “real life” feels the same as she does in a blog post…you just feel welcome and at home. If you are looking for some great blog posts, books, and posts about women’s equality follow Sarah on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Fashioned to Reign: Empowering Women to Fulfill Their Divine Destiny by Kris Vallotton

This book was a game changer for me (also, Kris is one of my favorite teachers/speakers on a variety of subjects).

From the back cover: 

In the Garden, woman was taken out of man to stand by his side and co-reign with him. But Satan’s schemes have robbed women and men of their rightful identities, marring and disempowering them. The world aches for God’s original partnership to be brought into balance once more–and it can be. God fashioned women to reign alongside men. Jesus set us free to be our true selves. It’s time for all of us, as daughters and sons of the King, to rule together.

Join Kris Vallotton for an extraordinary journey of eye-opening insight, including
· God’s true plan and purpose for women
· Jesus’ radical teachings and care for women
· Men’s important role in restoring women
· The true interpretation of difficult Bible passages about women
· Examples of women in leadership as God intended

7. The Churched Feminist

Kimberly Peeler-Ringer is a licensed minister who has been teaching and preaching the words of the Bible for more than two decades.She specializes in training Sunday school teachers, instruction in utilizing media in ministry, and developing Christian Education courses that use biblical narratives to empower women.

The Churched Feminist also speaks about the issues surrounding women of color in the church and society.

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8. Bailey Steger/We Are Ezer

Bailey wants Christian women to know they are persons with unique callings and stories, that they share more in common with men as humans than they do differences as male and female, and that their femininity reflects God’s nature too.

Bailey has a powerful blog and writes on many subjects including egalitarianism, relationships, equality in the church, and more!

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9. Austin Channing Brown

Austin is passionate about the work of racial justice and reconciliation. Austin is a strong voice for people of color/women of color and enjoys talking about the intersections of faith, gender, race and faith. I find that I am always left having to process after reading Austin’s posts – they are hard hitting, powerful, and full of thought provoking content.

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10. Stephanie Long

Stephanie is a powerful voice for women. You may not have heard of her before today, but now that you have – you should go follow her on social media and on her blog. Stephanie doesn’t hold back, doesn’t say around issues, and writes about hard subjects concerning women. She has been an inspiration to me for a while now and I learn a lot in discussions with her about everything from abuse and complementarianism to women in the Bible. She challenges me to think outside of my own ideas and question things I had always assumed were just “right” and to see if they actually are right. She is a powerhouse voice with a lot to say and worthy of being listened to.

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I hope this list is helpful for you! These are some of my favorites!


Sierra White is the Founder/Creator of Ezer Rising. She is the Worship Director and on the Leadership Team at her home church. She is passionate about seeing women walk in their identity as daughters of God, calling out the Deborahs and Esthers, and working with victims of sexual abuse. Sierra is a self-proclaimed professional sassypants and coffee snob. She is proud of her mixed heritage (Latina, Indian, White) and proud to be one of the six adopted children of Jere and Julie White. When Sierra isn’t ranting on Twitter about women’s issues, she can normally be found pounding back coffee, introverting with great books, playing strategy games like Settlers of Catan and Zombiecide, or nerding out over Lord of the Rings.
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