We believe the Bible supports women in all positions of authority in the church, including roles of leadership over men, women, and children. We believe the Bible supports mutual submission in marriage. We believe men and women are capable of changing the world as co-heirs in Christ, partnering together as sons and daughters to advance the Kingdom. We believe men and women are of equal importance, value, and position in the Kingdom of God. We believe that both women and men can preach, teach, and lead in the church and hold positions of authority. We write on everything from equality in marriage to the abuse of women, as well as the media and Hollywood’s view and treatment of women.
Disclaimer: Ezer Rising serves as a platform for writers and members of our community to share their personal stories and understanding of theology as it relates to egalitarianism and gender equality. The views expressed by these writers in their posts and individual blogs, along with those commenting, are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Ezer Rising team as a whole. All of our staff, contributors, and writers are all unpaid volunteers giving of their own time and talents to the Ezer Rising ministry.