• Empowered Ezer’s is a sister page to Ezer Rising. Here we will be funneling resources (from all over, not Ezer Rising resources) on a wide variety of subjects related to women’s equality in the church, marriage, and society! We will be sharing with you the best of what we can find (locally, nationally, and internationally) in blogs, ministries, organizations, stats, books, music, advocates, information and educational resources, etc! You will find all of these resources on the website under Resources! Meet the amazing women who are scouring the internet for the best resources to share with you!


  • Lurie Armandt

    Lurie Armandt

    Resources Writer

    Lurie is the founder of AltarWomen an organization that seeks to reimagine a liberating version of biblical-womanhood. She has a masters in Theatre and Community and uses Theatre of the Oppressed technique to explore womanhood through classes online and with church groups in person. When not teaching or plugging away online she can be found reading a good book on her porch in the summer and in front of the fire in the winter months, or testing new recipes in the kitchen. Lurie has eight nieces and nephews whom she loves insanely. Originally from Pennsylvania she lives in Boston with her husband.

  • Moriah Avrick

    Moriah Avrick

    Resources Writer

    Moriah is a blogger & former east coast girl living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and baby daughter. After a lifetime of experiencing church from the inside as a pastor's kid (and then a pastor's wife), her passion is for every person turned off by the toxic abuse of religion to be beckoned by the healing love of Jesus. She writes a blog for women seeking to deconstruct their theology in hopes of a beautiful, more whole view of God. Moriah is also a certified yoga instructor and a 4 on the Enneagram. She is a writer of stories, explorer of nature, drinker of sweet tea, provoker of peace, and student of the Teacher.

  • Stephanie Long

    Stephanie Long

    resources writer

    Stephanie is part of the Empowered Ezer’s Resources Team. Everything changed for her when Jesus called her to write, speak, teach, and lead. She was taught women aren’t allowed to do those things, but she decided to find out for herself what Jesus says about it. Now she’s passionate about sharing the truth and helping women break free from bad theology that keeps us from freedom and God’s best. She writes about social justice, Christian feminism, and mental health at Redeemed For More. She’s also been on the Not Your Pastor’s Pulpit and Ask Steve Austin podcasts talking about what Jesus and the Bible really say about women. You can also find her homeschooling her two boys, retreating to quiet places to read, and trying to learn from as many people as possible.

  • Stephanie Smith

    Stephanie Smith

    resources writer

    photo/bio coming soon