Ezer Rising Holiday Gift Guide – 10 Gifts That Will Be Memorable and Support Great Ministries!

It is the Holiday season and most of us are frantically scouring the web for just the right gifts to get the women in our lives. Most of us don’t need more “stuff” laying around our house so meaningful gifts that aren’t “stuff” are even more exciting! There is nothing wrong with candles, gift cards, […]


by Larry Sparks This year, the Time Magazine Person of the Year issue was not a single individual.  Rather is was a group of women called The Silence Breakers.  These were the catalytic voices who began to boldly challenge the rampant, hideous sexual harassment taking place behind the scenes in the entertainment and media mountains. However, the prophetic […]

10 Of My Favorite Resources For Women’s Equality

The internet is one of the greatest, fastest, and easiest ways to find information nowadays. We type something into Google and in seconds we have answers, opinions, and resources. I spend a lot of time sourcing the internet for great resources for Christian women that aren’t dipped in harmful and inaccurate Bible interpretations and teachings. […]

Why I am Egalitarian

What makes a man turn egalitarian? What’s in it for us? What lead me to change and flip from a doctrine which is widely-held, and “biblically faithful”? Normally I’d look to the past, and list the people who challenged me, the pivotal moments or epiphanies that turned me in this direction. I believe experience is […]

The 10 Women of Romans 16 – Apostles, Dear Friends, Deacons, Hard Workers, and Co-Ministers!

Paul is the author of a huge chunk of the New Testament. He is also the example most people use against me when I am discussing the topic of equality for women. (At the bottom of this post are some great links to resources that will be fantastic help for you when people tell you Paul […]