Why I am Egalitarian

What makes a man turn egalitarian? What’s in it for us? What lead me to change and flip from a doctrine which is widely-held, and “biblically faithful”? Normally I’d look to the past, and list the people who challenged me, the pivotal moments or epiphanies that turned me in this direction. I believe experience is […]

A Look at the Life of Jesus and the Women Who Followed, Served, and Traveled With Him

I often hear sermons casting shade at the women mentioned in the Gospels. Some of them paint women in a bad manner, making light of the parts they played in the life and ministry of Jesus, or outright “forgetting” to mention them. Naturally, discourse about a “woman’s place” follows these sort of sermons, along with […]

Let’s Do Better Than Purity Culture

We had the talk after our first kiss. I sat on his couch and listened to his almost-tearful confession about a past relationship; when I haltingly told him the dirty details of my own makeout sessions with my last boyfriend, he was relieved. “Oh, that’s nothing,” he said, apologizing again for his indiscretions years ago. […]