Why I am Egalitarian

What makes a man turn egalitarian? What’s in it for us? What lead me to change and flip from a doctrine which is widely-held, and “biblically faithful”? Normally I’d look to the past, and list the people who challenged me, the pivotal moments or epiphanies that turned me in this direction. I believe experience is […]

Let’s Do Better Than Purity Culture

We had the talk after our first kiss. I sat on his couch and listened to his almost-tearful confession about a past relationship; when I haltingly told him the dirty details of my own makeout sessions with my last boyfriend, he was relieved. “Oh, that’s nothing,” he said, apologizing again for his indiscretions years ago. […]

Equality in Marriage: An Unexpected Ramification

I’d like to talk today about one ramification of equality in marriage that may not come easily to many men coming out of a traditional gender role environment. I’ve certainly had to learn this lesson the hard way, and I’m not even going to pretend to have arrived at a state of enlightenment here – more like a daily war of attrition with laziness. I don’t want to project too much, so I’ll talk to myself here, and maybe folks can follow along if they see themselves in my monologue.