Ezer Rising Holiday Gift Guide – 10 Gifts That Will Be Memorable and Support Great Ministries!

It is the Holiday season and most of us are frantically scouring the web for just the right gifts to get the women in our lives. Most of us don’t need more “stuff” laying around our house so meaningful gifts that aren’t “stuff” are even more exciting! There is nothing wrong with candles, gift cards, perfumes, and jewelry but there is something amazing about gifts that speak to our souls and supports important causes and ministries – it’s like a double gift!

This “gift guide” is my Top 10 gifts that are meaningful, empowering, and personal and will be a gift that is lasting and memorable while sowing into important and needed ministries!

1. Eden Ministry
The pictured necklace was a gift from a dear friend and is one of my most treasured possessions. This is my life verse and the ministry that created it is a ministry that helps victims of human trafficking – a double win!

About Eden MinistryWith more than 40 million victims of modern slavery around the world* we are committed to calling the nations to speak up until all are free. Eden has been working with trafficked girls and women in Asia for over 15 years. In those 15 years, programs have been implemented in five major cities and over 500 women have been rescued. Eden has a thorough and innovative victim support program that is holistic in its approach, and highly effective in the restoration of victims.

2. The Courage Collection from Ashley Easter

Ashley is a powerful voice for women and victims of abuse and champions the voices of women. Her online store has numerous t-shirt designs that speak about justice and abuse and would be a perfect gift for a woman (or man) in your life fighting for social change! By purchasing from Ashley’s store you will be investing in this amazing ministry that is promoting truth-seeking expeditions, advocating gender equality, educating the Church on abuse, and aiding the rescue of men, women and children from spiritual, emotional and physical poverty.

3.The Crowning Jewels

The Crowning Jewels is a business run out of Redding, CA. Their jewelry is customizable and allows you to put together words, phrases, and icons that embody the person you are buying the piece for. They have a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and are an amazing gift. I have purchased from them numerous times and I loved being able to put together just the right pieces for people I love. They also have collections and themes that will allow you to easily find what you are looking for! While they are a bit on the pricey end, the end result is worth it and I was so pleased with my purchases! The piece pictured above is the “Rahab necklace“.

4. Fight the New Drug

Fight the new Drug is working towards raising awareness about the harmful affects of pornography. Every purchase helps them educate teens on the dangers of porn. They have a wide variety of tees that are in your face and also less aggressive with the message but all are worth the investment and spreading the message.

About FTNDFight the New Drug exists to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using only science, facts, and personal accounts.

5. Sarah Bessey’s list of “Chapter Books That Will Empower Girls”

Sarah Bessey has put together a fantastic list of books that would be great stocking stuffers for your daughters. I have read most of these books and some of them were my favorites growing up!

If our girls are reading books reminding them that they are called, chosen, capable, strong, clever, creative, wise, even empowered by the Holy Spirit…well, the dangerous and wonderful thing is that our girls might just believe them. 

6. Kristie Ritter

Kristie Ritter is a woman from my hometown who invests in the lives of countless women through different outlets, but one specific area has been investing in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) events in the area as a coach – empowering the female leaders of MOPS. Kristie is pretty amazing herself, not only making jewelry, but using power tools and machinery to create tables from scratch – by herself, without male oversight. Kristie is also the mastermind behind Prison MOPS, a new project that goes into the local prison and works with incarcerated women, not just mothers. She shows these women that they are valuable, even at the lowest points in their lives, regardless of their past mistakes. She creates handcrafted pieces that would be a fantastic stocking stuffer for any woman in your life and she is an incredible woman worth investing in.

7. Binding Love

About Binding Love: This ministry is local to Pennsylvania and is run on a volunteer basis. From the website:The sad statistics of children being sold into sex slavery is mind numbing.  After asking God what to do next, the vision of BINDING LOVE scarves came about. The name Binding Love comes directly from the Bible in PROVERBS 3:3 “LET LOVE AND FAITHFULNESS NEVER LEAVE YOU; BIND THEM AROUND YOUR NECK”  When you buy a BINDING LOVE scarf you are helping to aid in the healing hope of at risk girls in Thailand.  Half the cost of a BINDING LOVE scarf goes to two organizations in Chiang Rai, Thailand that are Christian run and are committed to creating a place of refuge and help to young girls. One scarf sold can provide 3 weeks of school lunches and snacks for a young girl,  one new pair of school shoes, or 10 meals in Thailand!

8. Warrior Women Tees

A friend of Ezer Rising makes these amazing women’s empowerment designs! You can find them on Amazon and on Facebook. A great gift that will show off your love for some of the most amazing women in the Bible – world changers, preachers, warriors, apostles, and deacons! Women CAN do anything!

9. Free the Girls

About FTG: Free The Girls is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to coming alongside sex trafficking survivors with a path to true freedom. It’s a journey from horrific trauma to reintegrating into the life they were meant to live within their family and community. Our goal for true freedom is measured by economic freedom, restored health, social well-being, education, and opportunity for a different, hopeful future.

10. Ezer Rising

Of course we have to include our own store! We have a wide variety of women’s empowerment t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, and more for men, women, children, and animals!

I hope this guide was helpful and that we all continue working together to support business and ministries aiding and supporting women!

Let us know in the comments of other stores/ministries you would add to the list!

 Sierra White is the Founder/Creator of Ezer Rising. She is the Worship Director and on the Leadership Team at her home church. She is passionate about seeing women walk in their identity as daughters of God, calling out the Deborahs and Esthers, and working with victims of sexual abuse. Sierra is a self-proclaimed professional sassypants and coffee snob. She is proud of her mixed heritage (Latina, Indian, White) and proud to be one of the six adopted children of Jere and Julie White. When Sierra isn’t ranting on Twitter about women’s issues, she can normally be found pounding back coffee, introverting with great books, playing strategy games like Settlers of Catan and Zombiecide, or nerding out over Lord of the Rings.
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