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Resources are listed alphabetically and by category.

(Note: This database is constantly being updated)

(Disclaimer: The views expressed by these writers in their blogs and websites as a whole are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Ezer Rising team.)

Abuse – Some of the best resources we can find on the subject of abuse (in all forms). Great Resources for Abuse Victims and For Those Wanting to Learn About Topics Involving Abuse. This includes posts FOR victims of abuse.

Egalitarianism 101 On this page you will find resources discussing basic egalitarianism – what the Bible says about women and gender roles, diffusing clobber verses (Eph 5, 1 Tim 2, etc), gender equality in marriage and the church, and answers to complementarian arguments.

Purity Culture/Modesty – On this page you will find resources discussing Purity Culture – personal stories, healthy ways to discuss sex, the damages of purity culture and how we can do better with the up and coming generations!

Feminine Characteristics of God – On this page you will find resources discussing the feminine side of God and Holy Spirit.

Sex and Consent – For some reason, sex seems to be a subject that is rarely talked about in Christian circles. Like, sex is a dirty little secret and only necessary for making babies. God created sex for more than procreation! So, we have compiled some of the best resources we can find on the subject of sex and consent.

Statistics – Here you will find some of the best resources we could find with stats for different subject that affect women.

Women of the Bible – On this page you will find resources for learning more about the amazing women of the Bible and how they defied cultural norms, preached and taught the Gospel, encountered Jesus, ministered with the Apostle Paul, were used by God, and more!

Women’s Rights/History – Here you will find all sorts of resources discussing womens rights: speeches, articles, historical events, incredible women who fought for the rights we enjoy today, incredible women in history, etc.