• Sierra White

    Sierra White

    Founder, Creator

    Sierra White is the Founder/Creator of Ezer Rising. She is the Worship Director and on the Leadership Team at her home church. She is passionate about seeing women walk in their identity as daughters of God, calling out the Deborahs and Esthers, and working with victims of sexual abuse. Sierra is a self-proclaimed professional sassypants and coffee snob. She is proud of her mixed heritage (Latina, Indian, White) and proud to be one of the six adopted children of Jere and Julie White. When Sierra isn’t ranting on Twitter about women’s issues, she can normally be found pounding back coffee, introverting with great books, playing strategy games like Settlers of Catan and Zombiecide, or nerding out over Lord of the Rings.

  • Steve Neu

    Steve Neu

    Media Coordinator/Editor

    Steve Neu is the Media Coordinator/Editor and writes as a father of daughters about parenting with equality and liberation in mind. He supports women's causes from the sidelines, passing the mic to them as often as possible so as not to become a distraction from the cause.

  • Amber Picota

    Amber Picota

    Staff Writer, Administrator

    Amber Picota is an Ezer Rising Staff Writer and Administrator who posts about women and leadership. She is a published author of "God's Feminist Movement", wife to Rene Picota, mother of three, blogger, and one of the lead pastors of Streams of Life Church in Winchester, VA. She is passionate about empowering leaders to live out their purpose and lead authentically. Amber is an unashamed Christian Feminist and advocates for equality and women's rights. 

  • Melissa Garman

    Melissa Garman

    Staff Writer, Graphic Designer

    Melissa Garman is a fiesty twenty-something and an administrator at Ezer Rising. She's also a wife, bulldog mom, and college student. Her greatest passions are listening to the modern day "least of these" and shattering religious bonds that hinder people from experiencing the crazy freedom Jesus offers. You'll either find her glued to her PC screen playing videogames or researching theology and social justice issues.

  • Noelle Toscano

    Noelle Toscano

    Empowered Ezer's Resources Team Leader


  • Katie Pridgen

    Katie Pridgen

    Staff Writer

    Katie Pridgen is part of Ezer Rising’s administration team and contributes regularly with a focus on advocating for victims of abuse within the church. She adores her husband, Casey, their two fur babies, and serving God in the PNW. She can usually be found reading, watching mystery shows on Netflix, or enjoying a coffee or beer with friends. With degrees in secular studies as well as religious education and twenty-five years of personal experience within fundamentalism, she is determined to help those still trapped in oppressive patriarchal environments.

  • Leah Ross

    Leah Ross

    Staff Writer

    Leah Ross is on the administrative team of Ezer Rising. She contributes regularly throughout the week. She is passionate about healing the wounds of sexism and racism within the Church and being a voice for the voiceless. By bringing truth to light, she hopes to help people recover from the damage of lies being taught in the Church. Ultimately, she longs to see people reclaim their relationship with God and to realize that they have always been loved. She blogs regularly and has written for several Christian egalitarian blogs. She is married to Bill Ross, her high school sweetheart, and they have five children, who she loves on and cares for nonstop. When she’s not working with the local school board, she’s usually somewhere writing blog posts or poetry. She can be found shopping in the organic section, running in a race, watching cartoons with her little ones or having a deep spiritual conversation with her husband. Oh yeah, and every now and then she gets to take a nap.

  • Charissa Garver

    Charissa Garver

    Staff Writer

    Charissa Garver is 33 years old. She and her husband Ryan have been married for 10 years and they have 3 beautiful sons. Charissa is a Christian feminist who has a desire to advocate for marginalized groups. She has a passion for creating opportunities for herself, her family, and her neighbors (i.e. EVERYONE) to grow and become reconciled with each other -- and therefore Jesus. She writes a lot about her experiences as a woman and her dreams for a better future. Her writing is mostly motivated by a desire to show others how casting out fear and walking intentionally in Love (who is a Person) can bring about miracles. She believes that we are the keys to each other's healing and prosperity!

  • Stephanie



    Stephanie is the Ezer Rising "Moneypenny" - working behind the scenes and doing a lot of administrative tasks, planning, and occasionally sharing her experiences with Ezer Rising through writing. Stephanie is an adventurer, photographer, foodie, bookworm, and binge watcher. God has taken her on a roller coaster ride out of slavery and into freedom. She's passionate about spreading the freedom that Christ gives.

  • Amy Libka

    Amy Libka


    Amy Libka is an everyday Christian woman who's fed up with patriarchy, and is passionate about individual and systemic justice. She works as a digital strategist in Lansing, MI, where she helps political candidates, advocacy groups, and nonprofits with strategy and communication. She is an advocate for victims of sex trafficking, and volunteers to help free victims and survivors in the Detroit area. She is an avid reader, an amateur runner, and an enthusiastic dog lover.