When Adam Blames Eve

When Adam blames Eve

He measures the length of her skirt and the coverage of her sleeves.

She must conceal the parts of herself that make him feel uneased;

He calls her a whore if she doesn’t concede.

It is a strange phenomenon,

But it really does seem

That for her to love the skin that she is in

Is his greatest pet peeve.


When Adam blames Eve,

He may demand that she covers herself from head to toe.

A husband breaking her hymen should be a life goal.

Her marrying while still a virgin is a rite of passage

Mutual fulfillment is a nonissue, for pleasure is a male advantage.

“Modesty” is the religion she must live by

Adam may kill her if she does not comply.


When Adam blames Eve,

He doesn’t care about marital or relational neglect;

Eve should just give sex.

He flips the terms and instead of calling it making love,

He calls it making respect.

If Eve doesn’t put out

Adam can’t totally be blamed if he steps out.

So, although from the pulpit he may preach monogamy

In his down time, he downloads pornography.

Nevertheless, he demands that Eve exercise propriety.


When Adam blames Eve,

He hates it if she stands up to him,

And refuses to live under his theocracy.

He calls her angry and bitter if she calls out his hypocrisy.

Just like in the garden,

He will shift the blame.

He will put the onus on her and call her out by name.

He will refuse to do deep introspection, 

An honest self-inspection of his own imperfection.

Instead he will take the lust that is in his own heart

And project it to Eve’s intention.

This was one of Adam’s first inventions.

It has been echoed down throughout the generations.


Thus, Adam declares

Eve should cover herself,

Be in all the right places,

And create her own safe spaces.

After all, God wired him this way,

Hence Adam can always be understood.

It’s Eve who should protect her womanhood.


Because when Adam blames Eve

He makes all the rules and if Eve doesn’t concur

Adam can never be blamed for what he does to her.

Leah Ross is on the administrative team of Ezer Rising. She contributes regularly throughout the week. She is passionate about healing the wounds of sexism and racism within the Church and being a voice for the voiceless. By bringing truth to light, she hopes to help people recover from the damage of lies being taught in the Church. Ultimately, she longs to see people reclaim their relationship with God and to realize that they have always been loved. She blogs regularly and has written for several Christian egalitarian blogs. She is married to Bill Ross, her high school sweetheart, and they have five children, who she loves on and cares for nonstop. When she’s not working with the local school board, she’s usually somewhere writing blog posts or poetry. She can be found shopping in the organic section, running in a race, watching cartoons with her little ones or having a deep spiritual conversation with her husband. Oh yeah, and every now and then she gets to take a nap.

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  1. JennD - February 11, 2018 Reply

    Wow! That was extremely powerful!

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